Solution to Finding Portal/AGOL Map Sources & MXD Data Sources

07-13-2021 08:12 AM
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Attached are 2 scripts that can help you when trying to fix services and/or determine what a service is being used for.  Lift and extract pulls AGOL based data and drops it into a spreadsheet.  It will show each map and where its data is coming from along with a lot of other useful data.  MXD_pull_data copies the source MXDs out to a backup directory and digs through them pulling out each layers data source with the exception of Query Layers.  Query layers are a nut I haven't cracked yet, but are pretty obvious when they show up.

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Thank you John. I am frustrated that ESRI does not have this capability built in to Enterprise.
Another question for you, I have not been able to find a simple explanation of what happens to services using referenced data and the web maps that use those services after schema changes are made in the database. Do the services need to be republished? Do the web maps need to be reconfigured?
The discussion about domains on the Community pages was helpful.


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Hi Chris,

I hate to say it, but, "it depends" on a few factors.  Typically, the rule of thumb I share with folks is that they need to republish & check the configuration of the web app/map after a schema change just in case.  I have seen instances where changes to the service are not picked up by ArcGIS Online/Portal web map.  I have also see instances where it isn't a problem.  In either event, it is always good to CYA when using referenced data.

Likely this is not the answer you wanted or were seeking, but this is the local practice here typically.