Items doubled up in the Contents in web map

04-15-2021 09:50 AM
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I have data that is stored in file geodatabases that I want to use in web maps/web apps. I publish them as Map Services because fgdb data cannot be published as a Feature  Service without copying the data, correct?

Why do Map service Items show up as 2 items in the Layer List? They act like group layers when there is only one layer in each map service. Is there a way around this behavior? I do not want to  copy all this data to portal to make feature services.

This is mostly an aesthetic problem. It clutters up the layer list in the web app. It also leads to confusion when one piece is checked on and the other is checked off.

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A constant pain, but the common workaround would be to have a publishing MXD set up with all the layers you need, so that it is a single map service on publishing.

Also perhaps try adding new content to your portal by specifying the REST endpoint of the particular map service item, or add item within the Web Map Builder by URL - then it should have some of the capabilities of a feature service.

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Hi Aaron, first thing is you can use a FGDB as reference datasource on a map service or feature service as long as you register the FGDB and its location on your datastore setup on arcgis manager and as long as arcgis server can access that directory.

Usually the name of your Pro\ArcMap document becomes the main group layer of the service (layerID=0), like what David mentioned, if you are creating a service that can be grouped in one ArPro\ArcMap service, then you would just have a main group layer with individual or even further group layers under it. You can add specific layers also using its URL specifying the layerID but issue is this will affect the reordering on the webmap if you have map services or feature services added.

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