Where can I find street data with speed, lane, and road class attributes for ALL links?

11-14-2017 01:31 PM
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Where is the best place to find free (if possible) US street data containing speed, lanes, and class of road attributes for ALL links?

I'm conducting connectivity analysis involving local and secondary roads within a city and am looking for more thorough data. It has been easy to find complete data for major roads and highways, not so much for local and secondary roads.

I have tried these options:

Extracted OSM road data which contains a class of road for each link but there are a lot of tertiary and residential roads missing maxspeed and Layer (lane) attributes.

Looked into Google API for speed limits and found that it can only calculate a set amount of points or links and won't cover the area I'm conducting the analysis. (Maybe there is a code that could extract speed from API and join them to OSM street links?...)

Searched local roads, state roads, and federal highway data sites for street data and found these sources were missing attributes like speed and lanes for a lot of local and secondary roads as well.

I would prefer not to assign speed and lanes based on fclass in the OSM data. I would also like to avoid having to contact local government employees to get private data. (Might be the only option though...)

Where could I find a free routable street data with very thorough attributes? If not free, what would be the best options for a paid dataset (Navmart, Navteq, etc.)?

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