Find nearest point/feature along path

10-17-2019 05:34 AM
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I am trying to find the nearest bus stop from an initial location... where I am trying to find the shortest path an individual could walk from. 

I do not want to use "Find Nearest" because that gives the euclidean distance (straight line distance).  

I have a layer of all the roads as lines, so I am wondering if I could do find nearest where the connecting distance is along those lines.

I have a layer of all the initial location points, and a layer with all of the bus stops.

I have over a million initial points that I need to find the nearest bus stop location, so its a bigger set of data.

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The Find Nearest tool can calculate straight-line distance OR distance along roads.  You just need to tell it to use the Walking Time or Walking Distance travel mode.

Here is the documentation for the Find Nearest tool: Find Nearest—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

If you have over a million points, you might want to double check the credit usage before running your analysis.  You can weigh that against building your own network dataset or purchasing Streetmap Premium to run the analysis locally.

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