Can you combine points in one field and preserve another TEXT field using Pro or Excel?

10-17-2018 07:51 AM
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I have data for bus stops for the entire state of NJ in one layer. One particular stop (one latitude and longitude point) may service up to 15 different bus lines. In my data, each bus line assigns a point to that bus stop, resulting in up to 15 points on the same latitude and longitude. There is a field called "line" where the bus line is indicated. Is there a way to dissolve the points based on the stop name/physical location while preserving the list of bus routes at that stop?

For example, City Hall (which has 11 different points assigned to it) would have one point and a field in the attribute table that indicates all bus routes at that stop listed. The field called "line" is currently a number field, but dissolve won't work because I want to preserve the field as text, not conduct statistics on it. 

Since I have the latitude/longitude, I could take it into excel and consolidate there and then display x,y back in Pro. I have limited python. See screenshot below for what the data looks like:

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