Problem-Oriented Policing with the ArcGIS Platform

06-19-2014 06:57 PM
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Hosted by Industry Domestic Law Enforcement, this webinar will demonstrate how agencies can utilize the ArcGIS platform by applying it to a common problem like a spike in commercial burglaries.

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I realize the intent of the webinar is the demonstrate the capabilities and functionality of the solutions available through ArcGIS Platform. As usual, great stuff andthe  technology will be quite useful. The topic of the webinar was Problem Oriented policing and you touched on the scanning, analysis, and response portions of the SARA model. It did not mention the assessment portion of the model (police never to the assessment piece.). So how can these technologies be configured to "automate"/streamline an assessment protocol to see if the response worked?  Lastly, what tools could be developed to measure efficacy of responses? Would the assessment fall into the Crime Analysis function or could a Captain, responsible for the problem, conduct the assessment?

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Hi Lee,

You are absolutely right- we didn't get much into assessment in the webinar, but the ArcGIS platform can absolutely be configured to support assessment. The question is what kind of assessment are you seeking to do? Methodologically rigorous evaluation will always be done by an analyst or researcher with the more sophisticated tools of Desktop. What is great about the ArcGIS Platform, however, is that evaluation can now be easily presented as a dynamic map information product to a decision maker, whether in the form of a web app, or through operations dashboard.

Another aspect of assessment with the ArcGIS Platform that I think is exciting, is the ability for a knowledge worker (As you say- a Captain or other non-technical GIS user) to conduct some evaluation on their own. For example, they could use a web map and the online density analysis service to create hotspots for a pretest and posttest period to see if the hotspot areas they were targeting declined as a result of their efforts.

I think the key takeaways regarding the ArcGIS Platform and assessment is that for rigorous evaluations done by researchers and analysts, the platform now gives you better ways to visually communicate those results to decision-makers, while also providing easy-to-use tools to allow non-technical users to conduct simple assessements and share those results with the rest of their agency.

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Thanks for the reply. Assessment is the critical step in POP, but few Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) complete the step. At a formal level an Analyst should do the rigorous analysis. For a Captain, being able to see if treatment plans are working and assessing to see if other treatment options need to be implemented is key. So, the identification of a problem area can IDed via a polygon and then a pre/post analysis could be automated (i.e. model builder) using the date the treatment started.  CFS, Reports, FIs could be compared.

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