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04-21-2020 11:03 AM
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I want to do hotspot analysis on a CSV that contains the number of crime events that happen at specific locations on a given day. Each day has its own row and unique location, but also contains a Count column that could range from 1-XX depending on the number of crimes that took place at that location for that day.

How do I make sure that when I run hot spot analyses and other geostatistics tools that the tools are counting each row as the number of events on that day, and not counting just the row itself as one data point for that location? For example, counting a row that has a value of '3' in the Count column as three events and not '1'.

I feel like if the latter is true by default then my resulting dataset is going to be skewed.

Appreciate any and all guidance!

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you're pretty much set if that is the case, a lot of these tools need some sort of weighting method for input points. eg. Hot Spot Analysis requires an input field rather than just a load of points for each event.

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