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OIC Images Viewer not working and incorrectly generated coverage features

12-12-2022 02:16 PM
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Issue 1

I am attempting to use OIC to display the spherical imagery from our mobile lidar scanner. Using the workflow, I opted for the frame table wherein I populated it based on the recommended list of parameters. At first, I attempted to launch and view the images locally and got this message 

Unable to load status: 403

I then published the area to AGO and when attempting to view the image the viewer just loaded but didn't actually view the image 

please see example csv with my frame table parameters book.csv

Issue 2

when creating a coverage feature I was getting some that worked and others wildly large 360 circles to represent the photo centers, 100's of miles in diameter. On closer inspection I notices the coverage circles that did not correctly generate had exact same neardist and fardist.  Please see attached images OIC_bad and OIC_Good

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