How to use dateParse to return datetime in WFS

04-17-2014 05:26 AM
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Running ArcGIS Server 10.2 and web adapter.  Service is using an MS SQL Server 2008 R2 sp1 database table.  AGS Service has WFS enabled.  Get Capabilities and Filter by other fields works (e.g. <ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo><ogc:PropertyName>Road Type</ogc:PropertyName> ....... etc

A date field of data type: datetime called MOD_DATE is used.  A GetCapabilities lists records with the following format date:

Using the function dateparse returns no error but no results either.

What would be the correct syntax?  Is OGC parsing of datetime available at 10.2?  Is there a Get Capabilities syntax to return what functions AGS 10.2 can handle?

Thanks for any help.
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