Default CRS used by WMS

02-10-2014 04:39 AM
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I am still using ArcGIS suite 9.3.1.
When viewing a WMS service from ArcGIS Server in ArcGIS Desktop, the default CRS used is CRS:84. Since it is a mapservice with many layers, and the crs of the dataframe is not CRS:84, the request takes a long time to complete, around 100 seconds. And although there are no errors in the log file, the map image is not displayed. The CPU of the ArcGIS Server machine is on 100% for all that time.
Only when setting the coordinate system of the dataframe first (to the coordinate system of the dataframe the mapservice uses), it displays, and it displays fast.
Is there a way to change the default CRS of the mapservice from CRS:84 to the CRS used by the original dataframe?

Joris Frenkel, Staatsbosbeheer, the Netherlands
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