Ohio School GIS Building Locations

09-17-2020 05:25 AM
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1. What are all of you using for your authoritative Ohio school building/location data? I found this - 

State Wide School Facilities 

which is a point layer served by OIT with no author or contact metadata. It looks like it includes some official information in the attribute fields, but it also includes closed schools and no status field to determine if the location is active/open. Also, the point locations are a mix of street address locations and building locations, neither of which match the LBRS addresses. ODE does not seem to have anything on their site.

Then I found this - 

School Locations from the National Center for Education Statistics 

This is a lot closer to what I am looking for. These of course do not match the LBRS or the OIT locations...and by the name "EDGE_GEOCODE_..." it would seem these are geocoded.

I truly hate the idea of recreating a dataset that may already exist, but alas. I only have like five buildings to map, but it's the principle of it.

2. So, second question. If I were to recreate this, should I use the building centroid, LBRS point, or just whatever I want?

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I guess each point would get you close...

LBRS - black square
shapefile from county - green square
NCES - icon
OIT, green cicle

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