EMU Webinar Presented to Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network

05-17-2017 11:20 PM
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Wednesday, May 17, 2 pm US EDT/11 am US PDT/6 pm UTC

Ecological Marine Units: A 3-D Mapping of the Ocean Based on NOAA’s World Ocean Atlas (Tools Included) by Dawn Wright of Esri. This webinar reports progress on the Ecological Marine Units (EMU) project, a new undertaking commissioned by the Group on Earth Observations, to develop a standardized and practical global ecosystems classification and map for the oceans. The EMU is comprised of a global point mesh framework, created from 52,487,233 points from the NOAA World Ocean Atlas. Each point has x, y, z, as well as six attributes of chemical and physical oceanographic structure (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, silicate, phosphate) that are likely drivers of many ecosystem responses. We identify and map 37 environmentally distinct 3D regions (candidate ‘ecosystems’) within the water column. These units can be attributed according to their productivity, direction and velocity of currents, species abundance, global seafloor geomorphology, and more. A series of data products for open access will share the 3D point mesh and EMU clusters at the surface, bottom, and within the water column, as well as 2D and 3D web apps for exploration of the EMUs and the original World Ocean Atlas data. This webinar will provide an overview of the EMU project and cover recent developments and future plans for the EMUs. Webinar co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and OpenChannels.org) and MEAM. 

Presented today to 140 attendees, over 300 total registrants. The (Coastal-Marine) Ecosystem Based Management Tools Network is co-coordinated by NatureServe and OpenChannels.

The recording is posted at https://www.openchannels.org/webinars/2017/ecological-marine-units-3-d-mapping-ocean-based-noaas-wor..., which includes slides and notes.

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