Announcing the WINNERS of Esri's New Global Content Challenge

12-05-2016 10:37 PM
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Announcing the winners of Esri’s first Global Content Challenge ! From August to November we were very pleased to receive nearly ~550 registrations from students in nearly 60 countries, with 70 actual submissions. A distinguished international panel of judges chose the following projects as best exemplifying the spirit of the contest: unleashing the power of Esri’s Living Atlas of the World content through compelling, use-inspired science.



First place ($10,000):  Sara Lubkin, N. Virginia Community College, USA, What Can Beetles Tells Use About Past Climate?

Second place ($5000): Karl Chastko, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Food, Water and 7 Billion People: Improving Water Efficiency in Agriculture

Third place ($2000): Kayla Wong, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Soil Carbon Sequestration Potential Based on Soil Properties

Honorable Mention (Esri swag): Danielle Derrick, Carleton University, Canada, A Race for Survival: The Future of Tiger Conservation



First place ($10,000):  Alicea Zelesny, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Antarctica - The Southerly Extreme

Second place ($5000): Julia Portmann, Washington College, Maryland, USA, Attack of the Blobs

Third place ($2000): Kevin Yang, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Climate Change in Earth's Polar Regions

Honorable Mention (Esri swag): Maggi Klug, University of Alabama-Huntsville, USA, Devastating Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Florida



First place ($10,000): Claudia Caceres, Claremont Graduate University, California, USA, Analyzing the Relationship between Climate Change and Food Insecurity in Developing Countries

Second place ($5000): Michael Kirchin, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, The American People

Third place ($2000): Spencer Elford, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Concrete Jungle: Urban Expansion and the Rise of the Megacity

Honorable Mention (Esri swag): Kathryn Kulbicki, George Mason University, Virginia, USA, Child Welfare in the News August 1, 2016 - October 31, 2016

Honorable Mention (Esri swag): Christopher Koido-Bunt, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, Volcanic Hazard Risk in East and South East Asia


We will be featuring these Story Map Journal Apps at the 2017 Esri Federal GIS Conference, the 2017 Esri Education GIS Conference and other events, as well as in various social media outlets. Congratulations!

See also the January 2017 ArcWatch article about the contest, and the Directions Magazine feature on the Canadian winners. 


A huge thanks to all who participated!

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