Embed content in HTML-popup partly working.

01-24-2018 10:27 AM
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In an ArcGIS online webmap one can make a custom attribute display popup. This is quite a powerfull feature, even allowing HTML formating. 

I was trying to access external content from this custom window. This works perfectly fine by maken a link, however I also want to embed the content in the pop-up window itself.

By switching the edit box to "View HTML source" I wrote the following HTML:

This works seems to work well. When doing an identify a popup is shown with the link (the first 2 lines) and the external content (from the embed in the last line).

So far so good.

However, then I save and exit the webmap, 

When I return to the webmap or try to use the web map in a web application, the embed-tag has disappeard. Than only the link to the external website is shown, but the content is not embedded.

Can anyone help me with the following questions:

Why is this happening? What subset of HTML may be used in custom popup? Are there alternatives to retrieve external content from a URL and in some way embed that in the popup?

Thanks in advance.

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