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11-03-2014 04:09 PM
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I am fairly new to GIS. I'm working on a project for site selection i am trying to narrow down a base map to strictly Louisville, ky. Which doesn't seem to be working. I am also using census data for the project. I am also having trouble selecting only census data( block group) data for only Louisville. I would like it to only show Louisville or Jefferson county and no other areas for the census data. I can work with not being able to narrow down the base map but i really need to be able to cut the Census data to only show Jefferson county. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to do this?

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Your first task is to get a polygon shape for Louisville (either from an existing data source or digitize it yourself). From there, you can apply Data Frame clipping through Data Frame properties (Data Frame tab) to display only the basemap (and all other data) inside the Louisville shape, and Select By Location the census data intersecting your Louisville shape.

Regarding the basemap, if you're using a web mapping service, you can never fully extract the data, just change the display extent.