ArcMap Color Selector Questions

07-26-2017 10:30 AM
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I have a few basic questions about Color Selector.  There are a few specific colors I always use.  

Within Arcmap, you click on your feature to change the symbology.  Then, you pick your color, which is where Color Selector Menu is located.

1.  I can click on the More Colors... option to customize a specific color.  I can then click on the large arrowhead pointing to the right, which is under the X to close the menu.  Then, I can click the Save Color... and type in the color name.  Is there a way to rename a saved color?  For example, what if I misspelled it, but it is now in the color drop down list.

2.  Is there a way to export my customized colors?

3.  Within the Color Selector drop down that has all the colors, is there a way to rearrange these colors?  I am wondering about rearranging my custom colors not the default ones.

Thank you for your help!

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For exporting custom symbology, you could look into creating a custom Style file and exporting that:

Exporting custom styles—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

From there you may be able to modify this style the way you want it (with name changes and rearranged symbols, etc.). You would have to play around with it a little, I think.‌ 

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Once you set up a style, you probably will want to use Style Manager in ArcMap to clean it up periodically. You can also copy and paste between styles. So that is where you fix names, add tags, remove duplicates, etc. BTW, everyone has a style somewhere deep in the C drive, and that is where your style stuff is saved by default. The location varies by version, and you need to copy styles sometimes after an upgrade.

So you can either periodically copy stuff out to a shared style, or just try to remember every time to save new style elements to the shared style.