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What is purpose of ICoreInstanceOwner

05-18-2020 02:10 AM
New Contributor

I am just wondering what is the purpose of the ICoreInstanceOwner interface which seems to be implemented by some of the key classes in the SDK.   I guess it is an internal implementation detail and typically as a developer I won't work with it directly, but thought to ask.

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`ICoreInstanceOwner` is effectively an internal interface that supports tracking of managed and native object instances in ArcGIS Runtime.



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Esri Notable Contributor

As Mike points out it's something we use internally. In fact the interface doesn't actually do anything at all (it doesn't even have any members), but is merely a way to tag certain classes so we can reuse some internal plumbing among many classes. Because it's internal, you shouldn't even see this interface appear anywhere, so I'm curious how you even stumbled on this.

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