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Scene Layer Selection Problem

11-12-2021 06:12 AM
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I exported the SLPK file from city engine with 9 buildings and I loaded that local SLPK file in WPF Application using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Dot Net V100.12.0. 

I referred scene layer selection sample from following link and try this. I successfully completed this sample.

link :

In this sample, when user click the object select that appropriate object using MySceneView.IdentifyLayerAsync(sceneLayer, e.Position, 10, false, 1); method with x y position.

But I need to select the object programmatically without user clicking that object and without using IdentifyLayerAsync like below

System.Windows.Point p = new System.Windows.Point();

p.X = 893;
p.Y = 465;

IdentifyLayerResult identifyResult = await MySceneView.IdentifyLayerAsync(sceneLayer, p, 10, false, 1);

please give any other solution / another way to select object for this.


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Esri Frequent Contributor


Currently the way you select features in a SceneLayer is via interaction with the features displayed in the SceneView. This requires calling Identify, which returns a collection of features you then pass to the SelectFeature method.

On the roadmap, we are considering adding one or more query operations to the scene layer where user interaction is not required.



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