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Runtime Offline WMS/WFS Capabilties

03-23-2018 06:17 AM
New Contributor

Hi developers,

I'm currently developing a WPF client allowing users to take an online map offline, manipulate the features, and synchronize it when the client is getting back online. To this end, the Runtime API fits very well following the preplanned workflow. Right now, I'm investigating if it's achievable to import WMS's and/or WFS's to the online map and package and download these for offline use.

As of now, the map is constructed as a Basemap consisting of a few BaseLayers. I have successfully imported mulitple WMS layers and added them to the map as OperationalLayers. I have not been able to import WFS layers due to the missing capabilities in the Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Mapping namespace (100.2.1).

I have successfully added internal feature layers to the map and downloaded them to a .geodatabase. This is successfully loaded into the map while offline. Trying to export a tile cache (.tpk), I cannot seem to include the WMS's.

Does the latest version of Runtime in any way allow me to download layers from external services (i.e. WMS/WFS) for offline use?

I could try use create a webmap and create a Mobile Map Package (.mmpk). Would I get closer to my goal by trying this approach?

Best regards


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Taking the map offline relies on functionality in ArcGIS Server and not really the runtime (the runtime merely asks the server to generate an offline package). WMS and WFS does not contain such capabilities, so these layer types aren't supported for offline use.

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