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07-01-2015 03:07 AM
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Is there any public available roadmap for the "ArcGIS runtime SDK for .Net"?

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Many features are on the roadmap, but the more important question is usually when. Please can you provide details of your specific requirements? And I'll try to give you an indication of when they may be available.



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I agree that the more important question is when, but normally the roadmap also has a rough estimate of when/what release, or at least the priority.

We are not looking for specific requirements right now, but I have been receiving some concern from my development team about features that has not been implemented yet in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET.

We realize that development takes time, so it's more a matter of awareness for us. If you could keep a publicly available roadmap, we would have a little more insight into what is planned, when to expect it, and would save us from searching for solutions to issues that is planned in the next releases.

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I'm curious about this as well since we are just getting started with the SDK.  What features are you interested in that have not yet been implemented?

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Kurt, Chris,

ArcGIS .NET SDK 10.2.6 just released today and here is the Release notes for 10.2.6 . You will find whats new and what issues been fixed and more.

Another thing, always keep an eye for ESRI conferences DevSummit or UC ... you will get a good prospective of what you should expect in the future and when. Here is some videos for the Runtime .NET sessions in DevSummit 2015



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