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Problem with time extent for local geodatabase data

11-22-2018 09:15 PM
New Contributor II


I have problem with setting time extent of mapView for local geodatabase feature layer.

I wish to filter out only data valid in actual date, like this:

            DateTimeOffset now = DateTime.Now;

            TimeExtent extent = new TimeExtent(now);

            this._mapView.TimeExtent = extent;

, however there are no data shown in the map. When I am using this on feature layer from online service from which this local geodatabase was generated, everything seems all right and I can see valid data.


When I try to filter by time extent with start and end date like this:

            DateTime startDate = new DateTime(2018, 1, 1);

            DateTime endDate = new DateTime(2019, 1, 1);

            TimeExtent extent = new TimeExtent(startDate, endDate);

, data are filtered and I can see them in map, however this is not usable for filtering actual data.

Am I missing something? Could someone tell me, why the first time extent doesn’t work?

If anyone would be interested to dig deeper I am enclosing fully testable solution with incriminate local geodatabase.


Thank you.

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