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PC Crashes after starting out of the box .NET Maps project.

06-14-2023 03:38 PM
New Contributor II

I have an odd issue that I haven't seen posted here before. I have an older laptop that I have been developing on using the now retired .NET Runtime. I have developed several applications without any trouble. I got a newer laptop (Lenovo PF-38JSBW) and I transferred my projects to that PC.


When the application gets to the point it calls anything from the Esri library it resets. I went ahead and updated from VS 2017 to VS 2022 and had the same affect.


I then went ahead and downloaded and created a project from the .NET Maps SDK. When I put my application ID in and start the debug session my computer resets and I get



I have made sure to have all of my drivers etc updated. Has anyone ran into this issue before or can offer any advice?

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Esri Contributor

I see some posts here (Microsoft) where users had a similar issue. It looks like the culprit in their case was a system monitor process (SysMon): 

Uninstalling or upgrading SysMon solved the issue for them, but perhaps a quick test would be to disable it on your machine (if present) and see if it avoids the crash. 

You'll find some general BSOD troubleshooting info here:

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I have tried these and so far no success. This error only occurs when I am using the SDK. I can code any other applications and I don't have an issue.

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