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Our map data vanishes when using Xamarin NavigationServices.PushAsync

03-27-2019 11:03 AM
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We are creating a Xamarin app that uses the ESRI library to show a map.  We are placing lines and symbols on this map.  The problem happens when we put a dialog (place a page) on top of the map.  We use the Xamarin NavigationServices.PushAsync to place a page on top of the map view.  As soon as the PushAsync() is called the map items that we placed on top of the map vanish (the lines and symbols).  The map remains there but without our lines and symbols.

The method that shows the page looks like:

        public async Task ShowProjectTabPage(ITreeviewItem treeViewItem, bool isProject)
            Page p = new ProjectTabPage(treeViewItem, isProject);
            await nav?.PushAsync(p);

Why is this causing all our map objects to vanish?  I can provide additional code if needed.

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