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Offline map tile quality / local device space

07-10-2023 09:23 AM
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Hello Community,

I have a question regarding offline maps and the tile / zoom quality: 

Can I control the offline map tile quality?

For reference, when first viewing the "offline" map on my application, I am zoomed out as far as possible. The map tile quality is pretty broad and plain, but that's perfect for me. Now when the user zooms in further, the tiles become more detailed. Zoom back out, the tiles become more "generalized" again.

Now, I noticed there is an OfflineSettings class. The Map object has an OfflineSettings accessible to it as read-only, since these OfflineSettings are defined already from the Web Map. 

I am defining my Web Map and referring to it's Token/GUID using the 'ArcGIS Online' option under my Profile on: 

Is there a way to define any kind of parameter (e.g. maybe something like 'OnlineLayers') on the Web Map to deal with the quality of the tiles while zooming during offline map usage?

I'm looking for control over the quality to save space on downloaded map tiles on the local device; Maybe I am going about this completely wrong and this has nothing to do with what I am talking about.

In my case it would be nice to have a lower quality for the higher zoomed out map, and a higher quality map tile ONLY when zoomed in further during offline usage, that is the end goal I am trying to achieve.

Thank you for your time!

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The offline tiles aren't created when you ask for the offline map. Those have already been pre-cooked in the online tile-service. So the quality you get is exactly the quality of the online tiles.

Having said that, you can limit how many zoom levels you're downloading, so if you don't need the highest resolution tiles, you can limit the scale range in the offline parameters.

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Okay great, the scale range sounds like what I am looking for. Where can that be set?

Edit: the closest thing I can find is this in the Map Viewer



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