Not able to display map using ESRI ArcGIS Runtime MAUI

01-08-2023 11:11 PM
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I am trying to utilize ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK MAUI to display map and following is the link to the example I am trying to execute .

The error I am getting is "catastrophic failure".I also tried adding MMPK as basemap but got the same error.

Framework :- net6.0-windows10.0.19041.0

Library :- ESRI.ArcGISRuntime.MAUI 200.0.0

Need help in understanding this error.

Thank you in advance.

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The error is quite generic and there could be varied reasons for it. I suggest you try following to ensure your MAUI environment is set up correctly:

- Try an out-of-the box MAUI app using Visual Studio template

- Try creating a new project using ArcGIS Maps SDK Template. If yo haven't installed templates yet, you can look them up in Extensions dialog box from Visual Studio

- Ensure you have a valid API Key to access base maps.

Let me know if this helps or is more meaningful to determine the cause of the error.



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Thanks for the suggestions.It put me in right direction and came to know that I was missing the .useArcGISRuntime() statement from my code. Now I can display the maps.Thank you again

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