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Move raster item/layer to topmost layer

07-04-2023 10:54 PM
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In my program i have a of graphicOverlays, in each overlay we can have a lot graphic  
which means my screen can be very crowded
For some layers, when i draw them on the screen i want them to be topmost(the order between the topmost layer(s) does not matter to me)
to do so, i removed and re-add layer from the graphicOverlays collection, and this works just fine

now I want to do the same for some of my raster layer(s)
but my raster "sit" under the operationalLayer , so doing the same trick will not work for me

my initial thought was to convert the raster to bitmap and load the bitmap in a special graphicOverlay layer
but couldn't find how to do so, and in addition I think I will hit performance hard

is there any way i can load the raster layer as topmost layer

I managed to do it. with the "bmp method" but when i load a picture with 120*120 km takes a lot of time



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