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Loading a .mmpk file - base map not showing up

08-11-2023 05:33 PM
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I've created a .mmpk file which contains 4 polygons on a topographic map. When I open it up in ArcGIS Pro, it looks great. On Android, the polygons show up, the map does not, and I get the following:

ArcGIS Maps SDK: Load Error: ArcGISTiledLayer
hostname nor servname provided, or not known (

I think I somehow have to embed the map in the mmpk file, but I don't see anyway to do that in ArcGIS Pro. Can someone please help me out?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Whether to embed/include the basemap within the mmpk is typically a choice you make based on your scenario/workflow and if users will have internet connectivity on their devices in the field. For more info see Offline maps, scenes, and data | ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET | ArcGIS Developers.

In terms of the error above, it indicates that your app cannot connect to the internet - some questions / things to investigate:

  • Are you testing on an Android emulator or on a physical Android device?
  • Can that environment access other internet content?
  • What permissions have you requested/enabled in the Android manifest file for your app?
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If you want to work with the content offline you may find this blog about using Esri basemap in Mobile Map Packages useful.

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