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Labels don't appear in current map view at all extents

07-25-2016 10:41 AM
New Contributor III

Good afternoon,

I am trying to get an issue taken care of for a multitude of clients and I am running into trouble. When zoomed in large scale, the labels for centerlines do not appear on the map.

A bit about the process (and reasons for said process):

  • I receive state centerline data
  • I dissolve the streets by Name and Link ID, drastically reducing the file size
  • Create map document (.mxd) and share as runtime content

The reason for the dissolve is because I am making maps for an entire state (and the counties surrounding the state border). Every possible street needs to be available. I understand that dissolving the streets, while drastically reducing size, also creates a single (or in some cases, multipart) line feature for each street name. This means that a primary arterial road that goes across the entire state is, within the map, just a single line, and therefore receives but a single label. This is fine - until I zoom in close within the runtime application. It seems as though the labels are glued to a certain location on the line, and will not update to populate in the current map view extent.

Is there any way to fix this without having to skip the dissolve option? That is almost essential for deployment size purposes.


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