KMZ with 3D models as an operational layer on a Scene

01-08-2021 12:32 PM
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We've written some code that adds a KmlLayer with a KMZ that includes 3D models to a Scene. On Windows this seems to work very well but on our Xamarin Forms applications we're seeing some differences. First, even though we set the Elevation Surface and Elevation Sources, the KmlLayer is not draped over the base surface in the Xamarin Forms app - it is correctly draped over the base surface with the Windows App. Also, we're noticing that the textures we added to the 3D models are not used in the Xamarin Forms app when they are used in the Windows app. As reference, we're using collada models in the KMZ.

I'm wondering if this is expected or if I should take a closer look at the runtime code we wrote.



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