How to Properly Display Local Raster Files as Layers in the Scene

11-29-2022 11:48 PM
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I want to display my local image files on the map/scene as layers.  For example, consider the following file structure:


img1_1, img1_2, ..., img1_100


img2_1, img2_2, ..., img2_500

I want to display all of the rasters in Folder1 as a single layer, and all of the images in Folder2 as another separate layer, in different scales. What are the best / easiest / most efficient ways to achieve this?

  • I tried creating filegeotabase, (using LocalServer, displaying as ArcGISMapImageLayer) but it works too slowly. How to fix this, is there a better way to do this?
  • To display as RasterLayer, I tried creating a MosaicDatasetRaster (.sqlite file) both with ArcGIS PRO and ArcGIS Runtime methods. But I encountered some problems with caching (my question about that: )
  • I tried other methods for creating RasterLayer, i.e. creating a GeoPackageRaster using ArcGIS PRO which is incredibly slow for large number of files, did not work for me. (But I might be missing something, what is the best way to create geopackages for my case?) Also it displays empty areas as pitch black, which makes the layer below it invisible. I need the empty areas in the layer to be transparent, so other layers' data can be seen.



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