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GPFeatureRecordSetLayer using URI

11-12-2015 12:42 PM
Occasional Contributor

I am creating several GPKs for use in my Runtime application. Some of these GPKs take an input that is a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer Class. When I create the object with a Geometry or with a FeatureSet, the GPK completes successfully, so I know it works. But when I create the object with a URI it fails. My application is offline, so my only options for URI seem to be to either use sublayers of dynamic layers I have created using a LocalMapService (e.g. or to use a local path to a feature layer (e.g. file:///D:/shapefiles/world-cities.shp). Both of these options cause the task to fail without giving me any additional information.

What is the proper way to use a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer with an offline URI value? Basically, how can I use an existing layer on my map as an input for the geoprocessing task?

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