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GenerateOfflineMapJob Layer Errors

07-02-2021 05:08 AM
New Contributor

I am using generateOfflineMapJob.GetResultAsync() to download an on-demand map package. This is working, but I am only getting around 17 map layers exported, the remaining 28 layers are being reported in the LayerErrors as:
1 x "Error creating replica"
27 x "A task was canceled."

When I look in the server logs, I see this entry:
"Error creating replica Wait time of the request to the service '***' has expired.

Is there a way to increase timeout for creating replicas on the server? Or is there some other underlying issue?

Thanks in advance, for any help!

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MVP Regular Contributor

Do any layers point to the same service?

Also if my math is correct you are indicating the map has 45 layers (17 worked, 28 failed) , I think that you might want to consider the need for a map with that many layers, I don't think the OfflineMapTask was designed with a map that extensive in mind (not saying that it should not work)

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for replying. To answer your questions:

Yes, a number of the layers point to the same service, and these are reported in the LayerErrors collection, I just omitted them from the original message as they are ignored. Also, I've tried doing the extract with the ReturnSchemaOnlyForEditableLayers property set to true, and I get the same result.

The number of layers in the map has already been reduced as much as possible.

Looking in the server logs I see (amongst other things):

292 instances of - Request received from the user '64ed708d-42f0-47af-a560-c0d271883e6c' for the service 'System/SyncToolsEx.GPServer'.

292 instances of - Request for the service 'System/SyncToolsEx.GPServer' processed successfully. Response sent to the user '64ed708d-42f0-47af-a560-c0d271883e6c'.

11 instances of - Creating instance of service 'System/SyncToolsEx.GPServer'.

17 instances of - Executing geoprocessing job 'j<random guid>'.

17 instances of - Job 'j<random guid>' for service 'System/SyncToolsEx' completed its execution. The status of the job after completion was 'esriJobSucceeded'. Elapsed time 'xxxxx' ms.

I'm wondering if there's a limitation on SyncToolsEx GPService, eg, number of instances, timeout values, maximum time it can be processing, etc.. But as it's a *Ex GPService, I can't see any way of seeing if these properties exist or can be changed.

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