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Generate offline cache using mapservice - v100.7 WPF

04-16-2020 07:44 PM
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Hi All,

I am migrating my application from ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2  to v100.7 WPF.

I have used MapService (contains couple of layers) to generate mobile cache to work with offline mode. Is there any option in  v100.7 to generate offline data using map service?

The data is quite heavy so trying to avoid feature service and .geodatase option.

Map package option is there but basemap is around 200-300gb excluding map service layers so not sure how to use map package and separate tile layers(baemap) together.

What would be the suitable approach to take data offline using mapservice? any help would be appreciated.



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Offline data is generated from a feature service not a map service.  There is no other option.  A .geodatabase is an offline replica, also that is the only format (it is just a sqliite database with a .geodatabase extension).  In AGOL there is no such thing as a map service anymore, but can still do in ArcGIS Server

You can setup the take a webmap offline approach to not bring down the tiles:

OfflineMapTask offlineMapTask = await OfflineMapTask.CreateAsync(mapItem);

var parameters = await offlineMapTask.CreateDefaultGenerateOfflineMapParametersAsync(geometry, 0, 0);
parameters.IncludeBasemap = false;

var job = offlineMapTask.GenerateOfflineMap(parameters, mapPackageFolder);

But the layers are still feature services, if you had MapService layers they would not be downloaded (also if a feature service is not defined for offline it will not be in the map)

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Thanks Joe for clarification. I'll switch to feature service and give a try.

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Hi, I am having the same issue. So that means a mapservice cannot be exported at all from GeneralOfflinemap?

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