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Fill Symbol and Transparency

10-21-2014 02:02 PM
New Contributor III

Using the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET (10.2.4) we are creating a polygon graphics layer. The requirement is to have a transparent fill (50%) while the outline of the polygon is to be a solid line.  This is to highlight of the border of the polygons and not block the map below the polygon.

A SimpleFillSymbol was created with the renderer in the polygon graphics layer.  The SymbolFillSymbol.Color was set with a color that had transparency (Color.FromArgb).  The SymbolFillSymbol.Outline.Color was set with a color that did not have transparency.

This approach works; the fill of the polygon is transparent (50%) while the outline is not.  Question: is this a recommended approach?  Does this have an impact on the performance of the drawing of the graphics layer?

The other approach is to use layer transparency but then the outline of the polygon would also be transparent.


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Esri Notable Contributor

Symbol transparency is actually better performing than layer transparency, so yes this is a good approach. Note though that this only applies to dynamic rendering. With static rendering it doesn't really matter.

Also this is a great session to watch: Squeezing Every Ounce of Performance from ArcGIS Runtime | Esri Video It goes into depth on how the rendering engine works.

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