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DirectX error 80070057

01-09-2018 11:02 PM
New Contributor II

I got error while im running the sample WPF from esri. at first (version 100.1) i am able to run it fine. afterwards in update (100.2) i cant run it anymore. whats the problem here? 

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Esri Notable Contributor

Does this happen on a particular PC or all PCs?

Could you try and run "dxdiag", flip to the 'Display' tab. Under the "Drivers" section there should be a list of "Feature Levels". What's the highest and lowest version listed?

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I had the same problem on a fresh installed Windows 7 SP1. For the new Version it is required to install the optional Platform Update to get it working (see link). Maybe that helps. The KB is KB2670838.

Platform Update for Windows 7 (Windows)

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I've found the reason why i got the error, i think i have disable/uninstall

something important that the direct3d needed to run , i run the arc gis in

my other laptop and it works.

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May I know what have you disable/uninstall something important that the direct3d needed to run?

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