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Configure SAP WorkManger with ArcGIS Maps SDK for .Net 200.1.0

07-17-2023 10:21 AM
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I am upgrading ArcGIS runtime 10.2.7 to ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET 200.1.0 in SAP Work Manager (Agentry). In the existing Agentry application installed folder I can see folder called arcgisruntime10.2.7. I think its license related folder. Same thing now I want Maps SDK. Can anyone suggest me that where I can get such folder for Maps SDK 200.1.0

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When compiling your application you will typically see an equivalent deployment folder in your project output folder e.g. ArcGISRuntime200.1. It contains at least the resources (shaders) required for rendering the map but may also include the native binaries/dlls (depending on you .NET target framework and architecture).

For more info see Deployment | ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET | ArcGIS Developers

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