Webinar | The Importance of GIS in Dissemination of Statistical Data and National Portals

07-21-2021 11:52 AM
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The Importance of GIS in Dissemination of Statistical Data and National Portals 



Statistical data informs decisions made every day. Policy Makers, Lawmakers, business owners, educators, researchers, economists, non-profits, students and many others use statistical data to understand patterns to inform policy, make critical decisions, carry out research. Statistical data can be used to show where communities need new schools, clinics, roads, or services for families, seniors, or children.

It may be used to inform how funding is distributed for governmental programs, including medical and educational programs, nutrition assistance and other critical services for citizens in need. It may also be used to better analyze an area of scientific research, or to progress understanding on an issue such as labor force/unemployment, the economy or issues pertaining to sustainability and the environment. Most statistical data today also contain location information – allowing us to present it in compelling visuals such as a map, dashboard or other information product to better engage the user and also derive patterns based on geographic location and geographical similarities.

Given the broad range of types of data and data users today – it is critical that National Statistical Offices and Statisticians consider how to best disseminate data. It is no longer acceptable to simply publish tabular data. We must consider how the user will engage, what formats they need to access data in and what type of device or experience will be best to deliver our authoritative data.

In this session we provide an overview of how a National Portal can be created, and share templates and scripts that you can leverage to share your data.


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