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Differential Privacy - What GIS Users Need to Know

07-22-2020 09:58 AM
Esri Contributor

The Census Bureau is tasked with enumerating the population while also protecting the identity of individuals. These requirements are at odds with one another therefore disclosure avoidance techniques are used to keep personally identifiable information confidential. Census 2020 will be the first census to implement differential privacy, as a mathematical model to balance privacy and accuracy.

View this special web session where Dr. John M. Abowd, Associate Director Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist US Census Bureau will share insights into the US Census evolving approach to differential privacy. Joining Dr. Abowd is Dr. Lauren Scott Griffin, Sr. Software Engineer and Spatial Statistician at Esri to discuss questions critical to the GIS community. This one-hour discussion will help GIS users prepare for and anticipate the marked changes in how census data are released.

This webinar covers some of the main points on what GIS users need to know to successfully work with Census 2020 data.

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