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NASA UNBOUND CI: Multi-session workshop for improving NASA data discoverability and analysis for coastal zones

08-10-2023 03:31 AM
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Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University, with support from the NASA Earth Science Data Systems Program, invite data practitioners involved in coastal zone management, flood risk management, or tackling sea-level rise and subsidence issues to participate in an exciting opportunity to enhance awareness, accessibility, and utilization of NASA Earth science data for coastal applications.

Introducing UNBOUND CI []: a multi-session workshop to identify recommendations to make NASA data products more discoverable and suitable for analyses to address issues in coastal zones, encompassing both coastal and inland areas. The workshop series aims to engage coastal issues for data practitioners who are not currently using NASA data products or would like to increase the use of NASA data for coastal applications. Participants are expected to test NASA Earth data and develop a series of practical recommendations to improve NASA Earth Science Data Systems. See previous UNBOUND reports HERE []

Workshop Details

Dates: September 18, 19, 25, 26
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST
Application Deadline: August 31, 2023



Stipends and CEC Available:

Twelve individual participants (only one per organization) selected will receive $1,200 each. Additional interested participants (not receiving a stipend) will be notified of selection to participate based on selection criteria and number of applications. Continuing education credits are available for APA, GISP, and CFPM certifications for all participants. To be eligible to receive a stipend, the applicant must be associated with a U.S.-based organization or institution. Priority for a stipend will be given to applicants working in Environmental Justice communities, as defined by the EPA [] via EJScreen [].

Roles and Responsibilities:

Each paid participant is expected to actively contribute to discussions, test assigned NASA Earth Data, and develop individual responses that will go into a final report.

Workshop Themes Include:

  • NASA Data for Coastal Management - Foundational topics from NASA's Data Pathfinders such as Working with Multidimensional Data in GIS and Using NASA Data in GIS Programs will be covered.
  • NASA Data for Sea Level Rise - NASA Data Pathfinders offers a range of relevant topics for the workshop theme, focusing on sea level rise analysis.
  • NASA Data for Flood Risk Management - Participants will engage with topics including flood inundation, precipitation, and runoff alongside data to support flood risk management.
  • Human Dimensions for Coastal Zones - Discussions will focus on NASA datasets that can be used to address community needs and the usability of NASA data for participants and communities.

Please share this opportunity among your network. If you are interested in participating, learn more online [] or complete the application form []. Contact Wendy Stout ( or George McLeod ( with any questions.

The workshop series is a collaborative effort between NASA Earth Science Data Systems [], Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center [], Center for Coastal Studies at Virginia Tech [], and GeoSEA - Old Dominion University [].

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