The Next Chapter in National Mapping: Great Britain Moves to Mapping Changes

07-01-2020 10:52 AM
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Throughout the last 40 years, Ordnance Survey has made significant process change powered by the latest technology available. Now, powered by cloud computing, Ordnance Survey delivers updates on the country even quicker while saving costs.

Ordnance Survey has streamlined their data collections and improved data workflows, enhanced their data management reducing project time from 40 days less than five days, provides flexible data delivery to their customers, and has created an organizational culture that continues to innovate the national mapping industry. 

Key Article Takeaways:

  • Technology advances enable significant benefits for data quality and supply chain efficiencies.
  • Ordnance Survey is innovating to develop digital twins and speed data capture.
  • Workflow improvements that deliver value are adopted by customers in other countries.

Read the full story here: Great Britain Moves from Maps to Mapping Changes 

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