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National Mapping Modernization Webinar Series

11-30-2020 04:00 PM
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Transformation Through Automation

This 3-part webinar series shows how modern National Mapping and Geospatial Authorities are transforming themselves through automation in the collection, management, production, and sharing of their information.

National Mapping agencies provide the foremost authoritative baseline of geospatial data for a country, serving as a point-of-truth for data that supports issues of national importance. Through automation, agencies are quickly providing their customers with a self-service products at the point of need, which is dramatically reducing costs and decreasing time to deliver information to decision-makers. Hear how your colleagues have done this and see how you can implement it in your organization.

Watch the full series: 

Part 1 - Automation to Transformation in Geospatial Authorities

Part 2 - Making Your Organization Scalable with Multi-Resolution Mapping

Part 3 - Sensing and Imaging the Future

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