GeoAI Workflows for National Mapping and Statistics Recording

06-29-2020 03:55 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

AI is revolutionizing Map Production and National Statistics Operations. Deep learning is bringing automation to feature extraction of objects, for example; building footprints, road segments, and land cover– cutting significant time and effort in map production and improving data quality. Change detection and persistent change is being used successfully in pre-enumeration planning to reduce time spent in the field. Machine learning is being used to understand urban change, land use, and agriculture.

Join us in this webinar to explore ArcGIS AI capabilities essential to transforming your National Mapping & Statistics operations to be more efficient and effective.

Topics discussed:

• Introduction to AI/M:/DL in ArcGIS [2:14]

• Why AI for National Mapping and Statistics? [5:20]

• Imagery Deep Learning Capabilities [10:30]

• Demo #1: Building Footprint Extraction [18:50]

• PACI: Case Study [25:07]

• Demo #2: High Resolution Land Cover Mapping [38:56]

• Other Use Cases for GeoAI [47:01]

• Q&A [49:20]

• Resources [56:30]

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