Error: 7466 - Deauthorizing software failed.

07-17-2019 12:49 PM
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Trying to deauthorize ArcGIS v10.6.1 single use license prior to updating the software to v10.7.1. Deauthorizing software failed error; with this message "Error 7466: The return of this fulfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded."

Software license is current, single use. Windows 10 operating system.

Update: Rename FLEXnet folder to FLEXnet_old in Windows Explorer. Then open ArcGIS Administrator and Authorize Now.

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I would recommend calling Customer Service to start;

--- George T.
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You do not need to deauthorize the Single Use license when upgrading.  The same license will apply to the Desktop 10.7.1.  

As for the error, there is a limit to the ability to authorize/deauthorize the same entitlement.  Like George Thompson mentioned above, contact Customer Service.  A representative can reset this on the back end.  

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Thank you. Customer Service got this sorted out for us.

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