Authorization Limit for ArcGIS

01-21-2021 11:36 AM
Status: Open
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Due to COVID-19 I am working from home, understandably. My workstation at home has GIS installed and I do 95% of my GIS on this workstation. I also maintain a workstation in the office that I use whenever I need to pull larger files from our GIS server and the VPN can not handle the traffic. This process includes deauthorizing my ArcGIS Basic license on my home workstation and re-authorizing it on my workstation in the office. When I leave the office I deauthorize it on the office workstation and reauthorize it on my home workstation. This process, while a bit laborious, worked fine until what I assumed and tech support confirmed was the max number of times I can move a license. I understand why this restriction is in place but given the challenges of remote work can this restriction on moving licenses be suspended until the COVID-19 pandemic is over? This flexibility would greatly be appreciated in these challenging times.   

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