turn off model builder tooltips

04-05-2016 07:10 PM
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In the Model Builder, if I hover over a node, a huuge tooltip pops up. It's so big and it flashes so often it is highly annoying.

How do you turn OFF tooltips in Model Builder for ArcGIS Desktop 10.3?

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...Before you answer this with another question, like "are you using windows" or something like that: here is the answer.

  1. Select the element, such as a variable, tool, or connector, you want to change.
  2. Right-click the element.
  3. Click Display Properties... to open the Display Properties window.
  4. Delete the text in the Tooltip property.
  5. Close the Display Properties window.
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This is not a valid solution as soon as you validate the model (or save it) the tool tip comes back! To my knowledge there is no way to turn off tool tips in Modelbuilder. I pointed this problem out on the ESRI ideas website here​, may be you should vote on it to bring this odd behaviour to ESRI's attention?

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