Subprocess Call via ModelBuilder Not Working

10-10-2019 10:39 AM
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I have a small Python script written in 2.7 that sends a subprocess call to run another small python script written in 3.6 to export some maps.  While the scripts appear to work in a stand a lone environment, nothing seems to happen when I add the call script to my model.  It indicates that it was run, but nothing seems to be ran on the back in.

Here is my subprocess call script:

import subprocess,os
from subprocess import call
outPT = "C:/GIS/gisData/data/vector/sigacts/sigactsSIMS/output/DailyUpdate/provTripolitania.png"
exit_code = call('C://Program Files/ArcGIS/Pro/bin/Python/envs/arcgispro-py3/pythonw.exe C://GIS/gisData/toolsNscripts/')
if os.path.isfile(outPT):
    print "New file exists..."
    print "File not located..."

Screenshot of the model and script in question

Does anyone know why it will not run when in modelbuilder?

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