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07-19-2014 01:01 PM
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Has anyone shared a ModelBuilder model on GitHub?  I was curious if there was a way to collaborate on a custom ModelBuilder tool using GitHub and then bring it back into ArcGIS as a tool? ... without converting the model to Python.




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I too am looking for collaboration on ESRI modelbuilder uses. I've collaborated outside on GitHub several times by exchanging toolbox files (*.tbx) but you really have to watch the version of ArcGIS you're using to create the model. Models can use python files as tools or not. Hope this helps.



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To compliment Chris Woodward​'s reply a model can only exist inside a toolbox (*.tbx) so the only option is to share a tbx file. Exporting a model to python defeats the purpose of it being a model in model builder!

Also when sharing models you need to be aware of:

  • Different versions of ArcMap; 10.2 cannot open a 10.3 model.
  • Many tools require higher licenses or expose a limited amount of functionality at the Basic level
  • Many tools are only available if you have an extension installed and licensed (e.g. Spatial Analyst)
  • If you were thinking of "sharing" a model by exporting it to python be aware that iterators don't export.
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You may want to take a look at the Geoprocessing Package options available in Desktop...there are some options to help with collaboration by being able to pass a model(s) and the data being used among multiple people.

What is a geoprocessing package?—Sharing geoprocessing workflows | ArcGIS for Desktop