Iterate workspace with rvt files

07-24-2020 04:18 AM
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I have been trying to do a model builder with the aim to create an iterative process to use the tool "BIM file to geodatabase" from a folder with rvt files.

When I try to connect the output varible of the iterator with the tool as an "imput BIM file workspace" that option is not abailable. Then I have to run the model, withoout this connection, and after the options appears. Once this is done, I run the model again but the tool only works with one of the files in the folder.

My question is if this iterator reconices the rvt files as worspace. I try to find this information in help documentation of the iterator an surfing the internet but I couldn't find it.

Somebody could help me? or give me any clue why it doesn't work?



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Iterate Workspaces tool currently does not support BIM File Workspace format. You could try to use Iterate Files tool to iterate through the folder with rvt files. Each file can be converted to the BIM File Workspace format using Calculate Value tool. Then the output of Calculate Value tool can be used as the input of BIM File To Geodatabase. 

As an example:

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