Add FeatureSet Selection Layer to map frame

08-17-2016 06:05 AM
New Contributor III

Using 10.4.1, I have used a FeatureSet variable in ModelBuilder ("Selection Polygon" in the attached model diagram) to allow for UI feature selection of parcel polygons. I'd like to add to the map frame the features selected by the FeatureSet ("Buffered_Parcels"  in the model diagram).  I've made the output of the FeatureSet a model parameter and "Add Results..."  is checked in the Geoprocessing options, but instead of  the subset of features selected by the UI FeatureSet the map draws the entire feature layer (parcels) using the symbology specified in the Layer Symbology properties of the FeatureSet ouput.  I've tried Make Feature Layer on the FeatureSet output, but that does not work either.  I am buffering the selected parcels and my buffers are accurate, so my FeatureSet is selecting the right features, I just can't add the subset features selected by the FeatureSet to the map frame. Model Diagram and Report attached.  

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