Add Feature Class to Terrain in ModelBuilder with Iteration

07-30-2020 02:23 PM
New Contributor

I am setting up a ModelBuilder that iterates through a folder and creates a terrain from each shapefile (with an imported softclip).  I can get through all the way building a terrain but the tool gets stuck on "Add Feature to Terrain".  I know the problem is when I open the tool in ModelBuilder, it doesn't give me an option to add the feature classes inside geodatabase; it only allows me to add the shapefiles outside the geodatabase. It doesn't see the newly imported feature classes in the geodatabases and only sees the original shapefiles.  How do I carry on to make the "Add Feature Class to Terrain" to be able to see these the feature classes instead of the shapefiles.  I have attached a screenshot of my ModelBuilder.

Edit: This is being done in Pro, but can change to 10.5 if its a bug in Pro.

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